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The DIG-MAZ extraction system combines many extraction procedures in a compact plant

faster, better and with little space

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Samtech Extraction Systems
Innovative quality made in Austria

faster and better and with low space requirements

The DIG-MAZ extraction system has been designed as a multifunctional system that combines all important extraction procedures in a compact plant.

Extraction systems

Extractors and vaporiser systems for the production of extracts from solid materials


Individual systems engineering by the professionals – before and after the purchase


The multifunctional DIG-MAZ extraction system includes all of the important extraction processes


Research cooperation with universities: TU Wien, Joanneum, Bernburg, Canada, Malaysia

Be sure to take a look at our references to find out about the application areas that our customers in Europe, North and South America, and South-East Asia use DIG-MAZ extraction systems for. We offer our customers extensive advice and structuring of after-sales service.

From planning company premises and delivery of the extraction system and employee training courses to continuous optimisation, we’re there for you.

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