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Multifunctional extraction systems from samtech

The multifunctional DIG-MAZ extraction system features a compact design that includes all of the important extraction processes like percolation, digestion, maceration, and the option for distillation. The extraction process may be completed under pressure (up to 10 bar, higher pressures upon request) and in a vacuum. 

Advantages of the extraction system:

  • High yield and conservative treatment of materials
  • Short extraction times
  • High extract quality
  • Easy to use
  • Visualisation and documentation of process parameters
  • Materials selection
Multifunctional extraction systems - advantages

Special features of DIG-MAZ extraction systems

In the case of most extraction systems, the solvent flows from above downwards, whereby channel formations in the raw material (chopped fresh or dried vegetable matter) are favoured. The solvent takes the shortest path due to the effects of gravity and does not contact the raw material.

One possible result: “nest formation”.
In the DIG-MAZ extraction system, the solvent always flows from the bottom up at the start. This causes the air present in the raw material to be pressed upwards and the solvent distributes better and faster in the extractor.

Over the course of extraction, the flow direction may be changed. Advantage: The cells of the raw materials are quickly macerated. The continuous flow of the solvent past the raw material causes further transport of the released materials, and fresh solvent may enter the raw material to loosen unreleased materials.

Extraction System

The principle of extract manufacturing:

  • Closed circuit
  • Warm and cold leaching
  • Pressure and vacuum process
  • Integrate distillation
  • Self-filtering
  • Mechanical herb pressing
  • Simple filling, emptying, and cleaning
  • Automatic process

Advantages of controls

  • All commands for secure operation of the extraction system are entered via large-format touch screens, which visualise all of the settings and parameters.
  • Continuous depiction and control of the extraction and vaporising process on an integrated monitor.
  • Storage of all process parameters for documentation and for purposes of traceability.

Advantages of programming

  • Clearly laid-out programming of automated production processes
  • Recording of process parameters
  • A special program developed by us allows the user to change the process steps independently and without any programming skills

Since longer extraction periods are not useful for allowing chemical reactions for aroma or dye formation to be completed, short extraction times are sufficient for complete utilisation of the extracted goods, depending on the extracted good and the extraction device.

Multifunctional extraction systems from samtech
Multifunctional extraction systems - actual graphic
Multifunctional extraction systems - table