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Research cooperation with universities around the world TU Vienna / Joanneum / Bernburg / University of Edmonton / UTM Malaysia

The goal of Samtech is to continue to provide the world’s best technology in the area of solid materials extraction. In order to achieve this goal, we continue to develop technology intensely together with research institutes and universities. At the same time, experiences of customers are always included and applied for continuous improvement of the systems and as the impetus for new developments.

Mag. Dr. Herbert G. Böchzelt
FH JOANNEUM GmbH is involved with the development and implementation of technologies in the area of food and cosmetics extraction. DIG-MAZ extraction technology plays an important role in the production of these extracts. 

FH Joanneum

Univ.Prof. Dipl.‐Ing. Drtechn. Anton Friedl
The institute for process technology, environmental technology, and technical bio-sciences is focused on researching basic principles, optimisation of existing processes, the development of new processes, and their application in practical industrial settings according to the areas specified by the institute. 

Technische Universität Wien

Prof. Dr. Ingo Schellenberg
Applied bio-technology and process technology development and the creation of new, previously unavailable highly sensory-active natural aromas in herbal plants like basil and oregano for processing industries and the food industry in particular.

Hochschule Anhalt

Prof. Ramlan b. Aziz
The Institute for Bioproduct Development (IBD) is a centre of excellence concentrated on research, development, and marketing for innovative bioproducts to support the national health and wellness industry. The institute supports the development of high-quality  components for these industries: Nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, phytochemicals, flavour and perfumes, food ingredients, probiotics, organic fertilisers, and organic pesticides.


Research and development

Research and development
Research and development